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I was born in the city of Barcelona on August 9th 1984. I am a violinist and law graduate from Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. I began my formal musical training at the age of 3 and I have been practising and expanding my musical knowledge ever since. Music is one of my main passions, along with sailing and being at sea; I am also a yachtsman of the Patí de Vela, a typical Catalan catamaran-type boat. As a sports leader, I have been the president of both the ADIPAV (International Patin Sailing Association) and the Federació Catalana de Vela (The Catalan Sailing Federation). Since 2014, I have been the president of UFEC (The Union of Catalan Sports Federations).



At UFEC, I have led more than 25 projects aimed to defend and improve sport within Catalonia and the entire sports sector. I have promoted programs for labour inclusion involving young people at risk of social exclusion through sport or certification of ethical and responsible management of sports entities. In 2018, we processed an ILP for a new sports law.



The impact of UFEC’s institutional activity can often be seen in the Catalan press. This is due to the fact that UFEC is the leading institution in the world of federated sports in Catalonia, dedicated to the entire sports sector and society in general.


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