About me

I was born in the city of Barcelona on August 9th 1984. I am a violinist a law graduate from Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona.

Musical Training and Academia

At the age of 3 I started playing the violin with maestro Albert Sàrrias studying the Suzuki method. Shortly after, I took up singing lessons and solfeggio studies, taught by Maria Salietti. When I was 10 years old I joined the Escolnia de Monserrat (Montserrat Choir) where I continued to study the violin with Antoni Guinjoan and M. Jesús Castro, piano with maestro Carles Viarnès and chamber music with Emili Blasco. During this time I was the concertmaster of the Monserrat Orchestra, under the baton of P.Jordi-Augusti Piqué.

At the age of 14 I left the Escolania and continued my music studies at the Barcelona School of Music where I was taught by Bien Kreitz, Gerard Claret, Pere Bardagí and the violoinist Agustín León Ahora. Additionally, I studied harmony, counterpoint, fugue and composition with the composer Victor Estapé. I have relentlessly worked on my musical training by participating in violin courses throughout Europe. The most noteworthy of these are firstly the Tiu courses, where I was taught by the likes of Nelly Eskolnikowa and Francisco Comesaña , secondly Oviedo’s international music course with maestro Ruggeri Ricci and finally the Swiss school YehudiMenuhin where I was alongside maestro Alberto Lissy. I have dedicated my time to musical management through the company Musicadecasament SCP, acting as a musical representative for more than 120 musicians.

I attended compulsory schooling at Escola Thau (both primary and secondary) and the Escolania de Montserrat from 1994 to 1998. In 2003, I embarked upon law degree at the University of Pompeu Fabra which I completed in 2009.

Skate Saling

I am a yachtsman of the Patí Català and I participate in weekday regattas in Barcelona when my workload allows me to. In the year 2004, I was the Skate Sailing Champion of Catalonia (2nd Category) and winner of the Spanish Cup of Skate Sailing (2nd Category) and then in 2013, Sub Champion of the European Cup of Skate Sailing (1st Category).

I organised the Vuelta Menorca in 2006 and 2008, a traditional Skate Sailing race that takes place around the island of Menorca. This competition, in which the result is neither the defining nor the most important element, is characterised by its adventurous spirit and is celebrated every two years following its launch in 2006.

Between 2004 and 2009, I was National Secretary of the Catalan Skate Sailing Association and President of the ADIPAV (International Patin Sailing Association). During my 5 years in this position, the association achieved a great deal; it saw its greatest media impact along with a dramatic increase in the number of associates and was provided with its own resources, enabling the organisation of high-level regattas and encouraging the involvement of young people. In light of all this, I was appointed President of Honour within the organisation at just 28 years old.

Catalan Sailing

I have been a member of the Junta Directiva (Directory Board) and the Executive Committee of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation since 2004. I have also been a member of the Delegated Commission and its assembly since 2009.

On 29th May in the year 2009, I won the elections of the Catalan Sailing Federation. I presented my candidacy with a promising programme named “Izamos la Vela del Cambio”, which set out to turn the Federation into an institution focused on providing services to clubs, schools and athletes.

Having fulfilled my objective presented in my first application and far exceeded initial expectations, I was re-elected as President of the Catalan Sailing Federation on 16th January 2013 as a single candidate with the support of 95% of the guarantors.

Catalan Sport

In 2013 I was chosen at Vice President of the Union of Catalan Sports Federations with the idea of achieving the following objectives:

  • To promote and represent sport federated in Catalonia.
  • To collaborate and participate with public agencies and private entities in the development and improvement of sport in general.
  • To encourage and boost activities involving Catalan sports teams or federated sports clubs and their athletes at both a regional and international level.
  • To project Catalonia as a competitive sporting country.


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