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Sports Code

Sports Law

The new Sports Law reorders the sector, making it less dependent on the public sector and simplifying it at the same time as establishing the creation of a single umbrella entity that unites the entire Catalan sports sector: The Sports Union of Catalonia, which acts as the direct link between the Government and the sector and watches over its interests.

Furthermore, the new Sports Law establishes a permanent financing system for Catalan sports, affecting game taxes and channelling its income in the direction of the development of sports programmes in Catalonia. An ILP campaign (popular legislative initiative) will be promoted.


What is the objective of the Sports Code?

  • Creation of the Sports Union and autonomy of its entities
  • Sport Umbrella
  • Simplification in regulation of entities
  • Recognition of the task of direction
  • Improved funding for athletes, clubs and federations
  • Establishment of a system of autonomous and guaranteed funding for sport